Battle of puppets

Pull some strings

Battle of puppets

Battle of Puppets is an addictive, fascinatingly odd, and truly original linear strategy game. With a vibrant artistic style, it combines, the hallowed art of puppetry, with ruthless marionette combat!

To this day, Battle of Puppets remains the most surprisingly charming and addictive castle vs. castle game ever seen. Let yourself be charmed by its fantastically elegant style and stylish puppets!


  • 4 different world famous operas, each with their own puppets to choose from!
  • Unique and charming hand-drawn scenarios!
  • 6 different professions to unlock and cast during the game!
  • 22 incredible levels spread across the North-American continent!
  • Melee, ranged and ram modes!
  • Additional endless mode!

Game details

Platform: PlayStation®Portable™ and PlayStation Mobile
Gente: Castle vs Castle
Age Ratings: 4+
Release date: February 2014
Publisher: Tama Games
Developer: Small Wonders


Touch Arcade: “An Amazing Castle vs Castle Game"

The Appera: “Outstanding with no string attached! If this game doesn’t get nominated somewhere for graphical achievement, I just will NOT understand.”

App Smile: Battle of Puppets is top notch in terms of art design and visual effects. Animations of the characters, backgrounds, and battles are great.