Escape from the pyramid

A true challenge begins

Escape from the pyramid

The labyrinth of the pyramids awaits. Prepare for death!

Escape from the Pyramid is a unique platformer, developed with stunning visuals, set in ancient Egypt. Mixing elements from free running, puzzle and platforms games, Escape from the Pyramid is a challenging experience that will test your reflexes (and your patience!) as your try to find your way through labyrinthic and deadly maps.

Avoid deadly spikes, poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions! Collect gems and golden beetles! Find hidden Canopic jars to summon the help of the gods! And above all… try reaching the exit alive!

And also please note, since we are tired of games trying to bleed people dry with in-game purchases every minute, here what you see is what you get, the full experience, in-app free!


  • 3 different worlds, each with its own unique style
  • 45 maps, each more challenging than the previous one
  • Boss fights! One challenging boss per world!
  • Unique special powers: Gravity! Invincibility! Flight!
  • Stunning visuals!
  • Lava and water traps! Crocodiles! Scorpions! Spiders! Snakes!
  • Labyrinthic levels to test your mettle!

Game details

Platform: iOS
Gente: 2D platformer, runner, puzzle
Age Ratings: 4+
Release date: March 2015
Publisher: Inteligencia Visual
Developer: Tama Games