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Welcome to the incredible world of Supermagical, where bubble-popping has never been so much fun!

Supermagical is an awesome fun puzzle and adventure game for all ages, where you’ll visit tons of magical places, meet cool characters, and cook amazing spells.

Join Nina, the little witch, in a fun magical adventure that will take you on a trip through different continents full of puzzles, spells, candy and… Minix?

Minix are magic-loving little creatures who have invaded Nina’s world along with her Evil Witch sisters. Now you have no choice but to use your magic powers to send them all packing if you want to save the day!

You won’t be able to stop playing!


  • Colorful animation-styled graphics that will truly surprise you! This is one of the most detailed games ever made for mobile devices, with tons of levels full of smooth motion and amazing magical effects.
  • 3 individual and unique continents to explore, with a total of 71 different levels. This is a huge adventure with an epic ending! You’ll have tons of fun from start to finish
  • 6 powerful warlocks will be at your command from your Magic Tower to fight the Minix.Combine their spectacular powers and watch the Minix run!
  • Get all the magic ingredients and cook all four Ultramagic Spells that will help you in your quest.
  • Find all the cute and powerful pets! The Lovely Hamster, the Unisheep… They’ll keep you company! Ride the Epic Dragon or the Great White Tiger to explore new worlds and all their secrets!
  • HD graphics specially crafted for PSN
  • Trophy support

Game details

Platform: PlayStation Vita
Gente: Bubble popping
Release date: January 2017
Publisher: Tama Games
Developer: Super Mega Team, Mutant Games